Scholarship - Turkey

Every year, the Turkish government offers scholarships to foreign students who are wishing to study in Turkey.

This scholarship is funded entirely from the tuition fees

(university tuition, housing allowance, health insurance, transportation, and travel costs)

Turkish Scholarship Features:

The student accepted in the scholarship program receives travel tickets paid by the state from the country in which he resides to Turkey, and from Turkey to the country in which he resides at the end of the study.

* Residence :

The student obtains a student residence permit throughout the academic period paid by the state.
* Housing: The state provides free housing for the duration of the study, along with housing expenses.

* Expenses:

The scholarship is paid to the student monthly as follows:
* Bachelor's program:                    700 Turkish lira.
* Master's program:                       950 Turkish lira.
* Doctorate program:                    1400 Turkish lira.

* Students of scientific research: 3000 Turkish lira.

* Health insurance:  The state provides the student with health insurance throughout his studies in Turkey.

* The language:

The students who receive a scholarship they will get one year scholarship also for learning the turkish language without any fees.

* Transportation:

The state offers students covered by the grant a card that gives them the right to move at a discount of up to 75 percent.

The documents required for registration:

* Clear personal photo.
* Proof of identity document, such as a passport or identity card.
* Certificate of educational qualification. High school certificate for applicants for the bachelor's degree.
Bachelor's degree for masters applicants. Or university degree and masters degree for applicants to PhD.
* For Masters and PhD applicants: University transcript.
* Required documents for some universities and majors only:
Certified test certificate for the English language, in the event that the chosen university requires a language certificate as a prerequisite. As a TOEFL or IELTS certificate.



Required Rates:

 - Bachelor's degree :
The total should not be less than 70% and 90% for the medical specializations.
P.S. the applicant's age does not exceed 21 years.

 - Master's and Doctorate degree:
The total must not be less than 75%.
The age of the applicant for a master's and doctoral degree should not exceed 35 years.


Yalla Apply - Turkey Office:

We have a specialized team to prepare, audit and submit the application, which makes your application dear student free of errors, which increases your percentage of admission to the Turkish scholarship program, and we also help you to prepare visa papers to Turkey, reception from the airport and follow-up registration at the university.

Application fee: 150 TL

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